Team Detail


Sarbjot Ghuman

11 Years of Experience

Cell: 416-795-3457

Jot doesn’t necessarily come from a dance or fitness background but she does believe that physical activity is key to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. She tries to be as physically active as my body allows me to keep a balance in my life. This ranges anything from hitting the gym to yoga to meditation.

Why do you do What you do?

Jot believes that having a passion in something you love helps create stability in one’s life. She may not have any experience in dance but what she does know is that if you can find something you love, you’ll be that much in tune with yourself. Jot wants today’s youth to be able to explore their environment and try different activities that they may not have otherwise sought out. She wants them to try dance and try different classes and love it or even dislike it. It’s about having that opportunity to at least give it a shot. Jot’s a part of this team to help bring all of this to life