Team Detail


Faiaz Hossain

11 Years of Experience

Cell: 416-795-3457

Faiaz discovered his passion for dance after graduating from university. As a self-taught Hip-Hop and Bollywood dancer, Faiaz has taken the stage to perform at weddings, shows, formals and competitions (such as Bollywood Dance Canada and Thaalam). His passion led him to form his own dance team called RADIX Entertainment, for which he is the Creative Director and Videographer.

Why do you do What you do ?

From the time Faiaz started off in dance, he noticed a presence of cultural stereotypes and taboos with regards to being a dancer – especially with being a male dancer. South Asian communities tend to put a great deal of importance from a young age into being a doctor, engineer or lawyer, while activities and roles that involve creative expression are seen more as an afterthought, or even humiliating to some. While dancing and making dance videos started off as a passion for Faiaz, over time he has become further motivated to play a role in putting an end to these taboos and stereotypes. He wants to see more male dancers and more importance given to creative expression. Faiaz hopes to make an impact, as small as it may be, by continuing to dance, to teach and to make videos so others may see the joy of expressing creativity.