Next-Gen Studios is committed to introducing the youth to an environment that promotes teamwork, leadership and personal-development.

Offering dance and fitness classes


An American dance used to play with partner in which contains different styles to create new aesthetic.


Reggae is a modern music genre that was originated from Jamaica in 19th century. A dance is done on the drum beats as drum kit is used in reggae as this music is played on high timbales.


We do dancing for enjoyment and as our hobby. It is the best exercise for our body, other way of fitness after gym.


Bhangra is the cultural dance of Punjab. If you feel music… then anybody can dance. You can enjoy Punjabi beats as well as dance.


Bolly-wood dance has a special space in the dance world. It keeps you on the heels whole night while enjoying. But the India dance is great.


Hip hop music is one of few that unite persons of all colors, religions races, socio- economic background, age and genders.


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  • Our family is happy that we found Next Gen Studios! Our eldest daughter is the best dance and my younger daughter is following her footsteps. The thing is that they learnt dances as well as personal growth in the areas o self confidence, respect and discipline. My both daughters are better people because of the attention they have received and the skills that they learned at Net Gen Studios.
    Gurpreet Singh Grewal

  • I have joined dance classes at Next Gen Studio for five months. And seriously I have learned dance steps as well as get my fitness back. Your dance classes worked well and I have lost my weight due to your brilliant slimming dance instructor Ms. Sarabjot Ghuman mam who has experience of 11 years in dance. Thank you all the team for great efforts and I am joining soon again in your dance studio.
    Tamanna Sachdeva

  • My daughter joined dance classes from the next gen studio. This difference between other dance studios that children go to dance classes and at next gen studios she went to dance classes to dancing. The change is dramatic! The dance teachers care about the dance education of the children. Sarbjot Ghuman mam is patient, sweet and dedicated. We recommend this studio to anyone that is looking for a competent, fun, and wonderful dance studio.
    Pooja Malhotra


  • The benefits of dance in your life can actually improve one's memory
  • Dancing involves both mental effort and social interaction which actually improves the health of your brain
  • Dance also improves strength and flexibility especially as you grow older
  • Studies show that dancing frequently can actually reduce dementia more than any other activity
  • Dancing encourages divergent thinking and can enhance overall creativity
  • An upbeat dance group lifts the spirits and dancers are much, much happier
  • Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness
  • Dancing keeps you feeling young for the may years to come
  • The muscle exertion and breathing rates of dancers performing in one dance competition is equivalent to those of cyclists, swimmers and an Olympic-level 800-meter runner.
  • As little as FIVE minutes of dancing makes people think more sharply and laterally
  • Dancing creates a connection with someone which you may have otherwise not recognized